We are here to improve productivity

At King Agro we are committed to establishing a new paradigm in the manufacturing of agricultural machinery and tools, introducing and spreading the word on the benefits of Carbon Fiber technology. Our mission is to contribute to significantly improve productivity in agricultural machinery.

We are convinced that Carbon Fiber is key to innovation and progress in the sector in the coming decades.

King Agro counts with more than 30 years of experience in Carbon Fiber applications.  

King Agro was born as King Marine, committed to the deployment of this technology in the high performance
nautical industry.
From this experience we decided to create King Agro dedicated exclusively to the

development and production of a new generation of agricultural machinery founded on Carbon Fiber technologies. The quality and reliability of our products is the result of a philosophy of innovation, technical rigor and quality assurance, of striving to perfect every detail.

"The application of this new material in the agricultural industry is the fastest, safest and most efficient way to reduce operational costs."